Services Provided By ASAP Locksmiths

People often have this miss conception regarding locksmiths that their job is only to open your locks if you by mistake lock out your self of your vehicle or home…well some locksmiths would only provide you these services but ASAP Locksmiths are the ones who would not only do this for you but will also provide you a wide range of other services that can ensure that your homes and offices are safe against threat or harm. Not only their service but also the products that they have in store ensure your security and of your valuable possessions.

CMI safe

Most people in today’s time would approach a bank locker to safe keep what all they have that is precious or costly, but many a times due to bank rules and in case of an emergency if you require access to your own belongings especially after bank timings is not possible. In order to avoid any such inconvenience what you can do is have a safe at home. Yes you have heard it right, a CMI safe by ASAP Locksmiths can be the solution for all your security related problems. This particular model is quite popular among customers. But in addition to this they have various sizes and home alarm installation Melbourne depending upon whether you need a safe at home to keep personal things or at office for business related endeavors.

The team at ASAP Locksmiths have experts on board with whom you can discuss your need and they can rightly guide you which safe to buy and once you buy it they also take full responsibility of installing the product rightly in the locations you tell them to. Mostly people get the safes installed in place such as inside cupboards or under stairs etc. in short in places where they are not easily visible. In case you forget the password or have lost the keys of the safe, you can anytime contact the team at ASAP Locksmiths and they will open up your safe without damaging the safe or your things inside it. The way they do it is so efficient that their craft and expertise is truly commendable.

Restricted keys and wireless alarms

Many a times business complain of someone getting a duplicate key made in their name saying they have lost the key, so to overcome this confusion and problem, locksmith Brighton provide you with restricted keys, which means that they will provide you with keys of a lock that they register and then issue you and if someone asks for a duplicate key, the person on whose names they keys are registered will be verified with before issuing another key. This way one can ensure that no one gets a key to an office or a business without the consent of the owner and a major security concern is sorted. Another product and service they provide is repair of existing alarm systems and installation of new ones. The alarm systems available at ASAP Locksmiths include both wired and wireless and you can chose the one you want depending upon your security need and budget.