Picture Block Crafted In Inches

photo blocks

Basically, the photo block is a picture block that is crafted in inches. It comprises of 1-2 pictures or quotes that a person can get printed ok them. It can be a couple photo, a family one or even friends. The thought counts. You need to make sure that the picture you choose to get printed on the photo block must be of good quality and under good lighting or else the photo blocks in australia won’t look good.

How can I get them made?

Choose the kind of photo block that you want, then go for the kind of editing that you would like to have it on them. The effects or the text written such as “happy birthday” you send them the pictures that you want to get printed on the photo block and then you get it done with it. It takes a big longer to get the procedure done but once it done, its suggested that the photo block is wrapped in a bubble wrapping and delivered to the person.


Is it a thoughtful gift?

Yes, a photo block is a thoughtful gift. A gift that holds meaning to the friendship. It shows how much a person is invested into you. Moving a ahead, there are a lot of ways that a person that give good gifts but in my opinion a photo block is a capture of memories that everyone likes to cherish. Such pictures and videos really mean a lot to some people.


Where are they available

They are not really available, but you need to get them made on an order. You need to look up for the pages that get these done. There are websites, pages, or even some stores offer to do this on order. They obviously charge a bit more but I think its fair enough.


How should be the packaging of this product

Since it’s a block and it is made up of acrylic. There is always a doubt of it getting scratches or broken which is why the seller must wrap it in a bubble wrap and put it in a box. There are different sizes of the photo blocks some are small enough to carry around, some are used to keep it on the side tables just as a decoration piece or a daily reminder of you being loved by someone, or sometimes its such a huge block that it needs to be hung on the wall.


Does it need care

Yes of course it does, it needs to be kept away from sunlight or else the print might get faded away. Apart from that make sure that children are away from it because they will cause damage to it and vice versa.For more information visit our website www.acrylicmountingonline.com.au.