Know More About Bath Salt

In Australia, Nuuvee holds one of the best quality minerals in store. They have a shop online whereby you can view all that they have in store, products that incorporate minerals and other natural elements such as magnesium oil and salt, salt from Dead Sea and Himalayas and the list goes on. This is because their focus is on providence of a lifestyle that is healthy and beautiful. Primarily because these days as per statistics, nearly eighty percent of the population has magnesium deficiency in their bodies; this happens because of two reasons: one because of a diet that is not healthy and secondly because you take a lot of stress.

For those of you who don’t know, magnesium is one of those essential elements that your body requires in almost every organ and muscle but most importantly for heart and kidney.  And deficiency of this mineral is often referred by researchers and doctors as a “silent epidemic”. Often people who have problems related to muscles must get themselves checked and other symptoms could be those who have insomnia. This deficiency of magnesium can be balanced not only by intake of supplements and dietary intake and here Nuuvee coms to your rescue. The cream, oil or salt that is made by Nuuvee especially from magnesium would allow a much faster rate of absorption of the mineral in the body through the pores in the skin. 

Another important product in their store is the bath salt. This is a mineral in the form of fine powder which is water soluble and as the name suggests, is used while bathing. It is added for a better result while bathing as it cleans well and also acts as a cosmetic agent. Few of them also contain glycerin hence can serves as a soothing lotion. Many a times, makers add color, foaming agents, oil or fragrance to give customers a complete experience whereby they enjoy while bathing. One such product that is available on their store online is the Epsom Salt which in other words is magnesium sulphate Australia, its twenty five kg pack costs dollar fifty.

This salt is made up of two minerals, namely magnesium and Sulphate, both of which are essential for our health.  And if you think it is something new and you are afraid of the risk factor, then rest be assured that there is nothing to worry for as it is a natural solution, something that have been used by people over the years. It is in the form of crystals that are white in color. For ideal results you can pour two to three cups of salt in your bath tub that already has warm water, make sure it is not boiling hot and let it be there for approximately fifteen minute before you dive in. you can use this salt for a complete bath, to soak in your feet or to scrub your body